Healing in nature. Distant healing



If you know of someone who needs healing, you can request help for them through distant healing, even if they cannot access a healer directly themselves. It may seem strange but the results from distant healing have been found to be as beneficial as having contact healing in some cases, and can also supplement contact healing if that is being given also.

HOW DOES IT WORK? When a request is made, it may not always be possible for the patient to know when healing is actually being sent. It will normally be sent on a daily basis. The healer’s prayerful intention however will ensure that the healing is received at a time suitable for the patient and for his or her highest good. As in contact healing, actual “results” are not asked for, in the sense of a physical “cure”, but only that the healing energy be used for the patient’s highest good. The link between patient and the Source of healing via the healer, is usually made through providing the name of the patient. Even an incomplete name is sufficient, for example “Jane” or “Mrs Smith” or “Jim’s aunt”, or “the lady at the bus stop” - the healing connection will still be made.

DO I NEED TO ASK PERMISSION? Permission for the patient to send him or her healing is also not absolutely necessary, as the patient’s higher self is free to accept or reject the healing, so there is no contravention of free will.

DO I NEED TO NAME THE ILLNESS? It is also not absolutely necessary to name the condition or illness which the patient is suffering from. It can also be a relief for the person asking or even the patient, if they have had the opportunity to describe briefly their exact condition, but for the healing to flow, it is not necessary. It does not need to be a physical illness either. As in contact healing mental and emotional conditions are helped too, and relationship problems and situations. Healing will also help those who are dying to make their transition safely, and afterwards to continue to move towards the Light. It will also helped the bereaved.

HOW LONG DOES HEALING CONTINUE TO BE SENT? Normally healing will be sent for four weeks unless another request is received. Progress reports are also welcome.

CAN I ASK FOR HEALING FOR MYSELF? The answer is yes. Just make the request in the normal way. You can make as many requests for healing and for as many individuals as you wish, and as often as you feel the need to do so.

DO I NEED TO MAKE A DONATION? This service is entirely free, and there is no obligation at all to make a donation. But if you wish to make a donation to our service or any other charity of your choice, whatever feels right for you, please feel free to do so.



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Good Health

Good health partly depends upon ‘correct life style’.  The food and drink that we consume can be our medicine, and also our poison. Sensible diet and regular exercise all help towards the ‘feel good’ factor, and assist in promoting good health and staying healthy. Right thinking, helps to control our emotions, and in turn also can assist in the ‘feel good’ factor. Sometimes just little changes in life style can have enormous effects upon our wellbeing. Be Happy.


Rea has many years of experience in the healing arts. She has practised and trained in many techniques and has a wealth of expereince. As such she can intuitively know the best solutions to assist you in your current situation and your healing process. On some rare occassions she may even refer you to other alternative sources or solutions.


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