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NFSH Healing Trust The Healing Trust is the working name of The NFSH Charitable Trust Ltd (Charity No 1094702)

Healing with Jeremy Wheeler Belper Healer, and Healing in Belper, Derby & Nottingham area




Good Health

Good health partly depends upon ‘correct life style’.  The food and drink that we consume can be our medicine, and also our poison. Sensible diet and regular exercise all help towards the ‘feel good’ factor, and assist in promoting good health and staying healthy. Right thinking, helps to control our emotions, and in turn also can assist in the ‘feel good’ factor. Sometimes just little changes in life style can have enormous effects upon our wellbeing. Be Happy.


Rea has many years of experience in the healing arts. She has practised and trained in many techniques and has a wealth of expereince. As such she can intuitively know the best solutions to assist you in your current situation and your healing process. On some rare occassions she may even refer you to other alternative sources or solutions.


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